Zero-based redesign (ZBR) helps you focus on the activities that fuel your competitive advantage, and eliminate many of the ones that don’t. Traditional efforts to streamline and simplify settle for incremental changes to the status quo, and savings tend to be temporary as costs creep back in. ZBR, in contrast, is a one-time effort that sets a bold ambition defined by the activities that are critical to delivering what your customers value most about you. Organizational structure, governance, accountabilities and processes are integrated to meet the needs of your customers and optimize the efficiency of your front line. The result: a structured transformation journey that delivers value from Day One and propels you to your ideal future state. When combined with zero-based budgeting the impact is even more transformative, as your entire organization adopts a new mindset and new behaviors around cost, continuously striving for maximum efficiency and greater savings.

What to Expect

Lower your costs

Achieve dramatic cost savings of 20%-30%

Boost shareholder returns

Raise profitability, free up resources for growth and improve competitiveness

Increase productivity

Become a simpler, flatter and more efficient organization

Focus on what counts

Remove obstacles so employees can tackle the activities that matter most to customers