Training Within Industry (TWI) programs have a long track record of dramatically boosting productivity and quality and may well be the most successful supervisor training programs ever developed.

The three TWI programs – Job Instruction (JI), Job Relations (JR) and Job Methods (JM) – were carefully designed by some of the best training and management experts in the United States and were rigorously tested before general release.

Today, TWI has become an integral part of Lean to reinforce the practice of standard work, simplify work processes, and strengthen labor-management relationships.

Companies that have implemented TWI have reported improvements of 25% and more in increased production, reduced training time, reduced scrap and reduced labor-hours.

Recommended Audience

This course is designed for any manager, supervisor, line leader and trainer wishing to gain practical know-how on the principles, process and tools of the TWI methodology to enhance Lean transformation.