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Edgethinker is the leading Innovation Management Consulting Service provider that unlocks new business opportunities for companies of all sectors. We are the best innovation consulting firm in India and help you to achieve your business goal with ease. Edgethinker also provides sales and marketing consulting by which you can manage & support the business cycle to the next level.

What distinguishes excellence from mediocrity? A world-class innovation system that is strategy-driven, internally consistent, and flexible enough to achieve serial success via a continuous innovation journey.

Innovation is paramount. Nearly 75% of companies cite innovation as one of their top three management priorities, and 35 % rank it as their number one priority. This is not unexpected. A successful innovation strategy coupled with the proper innovation system can make a significant difference. Since 2005, the annual ranking of the world’s 50 most innovative companies by BCG has produced a total shareholder return two percentage points higher than the global market.

But innovation is difficult. Approximately 30 % of businesses believe they are good at it. Moreover, the difficulty is increasing. Digital Technologies and data require even the most persistent innovators to continuously acquire new skills and establish more rapid and flexible research and development processes.

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