In this workshop, participants will learn the structured problem-solving approach that uses a tool called the A3 Problem-Solving Report. The A3 report is a tool that Toyota uses to propose solutions to problems, give status reports on ongoing projects, and report results of information gathering activity. The term “A3″ is derived from the paper size used for the report, which is the metric equivalent to the 11″ x 17” paper.

You will learn the steps to proceed from problem identification to resolution in a fashion that fosters learning, collaboration, and personal development. The problem-solving team records the results of investigation and planning in a concise, two-page document (the A3 Report) that facilitates knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Recommended Audience

Facilitated by our Experienced Management Consultant and Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, this workshop is recommended for Lean Managers, Operations/ Production Managers, Engineers and Practitioners.