It can be difficult to achieve a step-change in net working capital (WC) performance. Operating profit typically receives significantly more attention than net profit. Working capital optimization is not reflected in profit and loss statements. It can be difficult to have complete information on cash performance and availability. And enhancing NWC performance involves cross-functional cooperation and alignment with mid-level managers, which is challenging to achieve, especially when their incentives are misaligned with effective working capital management. We can assist you in overcoming these challenges and reducing the cash conversion cycle significantly and sustainably.

Expected Outcome

Invest in growth

Free up cash to fund transformation projects and other needs.

Improve your credit score

Repay your debt and decrease your leverage and interest payments.

Improve your organization

Create greater transparency, increase participation, and facilitate prompt decisions by working capital owners.

Change of mindset

Shift your business’s focus from cash tracking to cash management.

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