For organizations to grow, transform, and survive in a world that is undergoing fast change, they must continuously adapt to shifting market dynamics and evolve. A crucial differentiator for generating great business performance is to continuously reshape and reinvent the workforce of the future and integrate structure, process, technology, and people for a holistic impact.

Many organizations have undergone a redesign over the past two years, and the remaining will follow in the near future. Organizations that have undergone successful redesign are reaping the benefits of accelerated growth, improved decision-making, and increased efficiency. However, redesign initiatives that have primarily focused on small structural adjustments or off-the-shelf techniques to de-layering seldom resulted in actual performance improvement and long-term benefit.

Successful redesigns go beyond “boxes, lines, and head counts” to address a comprehensive set of design imperatives. We do a SWOT analysis of each organization in order to develop a more effective operating model by aligning it with strategy, addressing systemic issues, assuring accountability, facilitating enterprise-wide collaboration, and attending to behavior change, skill gaps, and other impediments holding people back.

The People & Organization team at ET applies ET’s holistic approach to assist businesses in unlocking the potential of their people and navigating transformative change across functions in order to achieve excellent performance levels as well as create a future-ready organization.

Re-designed Organization

The team can assist you in the development of an operational model by

Creating the structure to support the strategy

Establish effective structures, governance, and roles in accordance with a set of design principles linked with the strategic goals of the organization.

Creating processes that unleash performance

Develop performance management objectives with rigour and instil effective decision making; ensure that systems and technology facilitate, rather than impede, achievement.

Building and empowering individuals to achieve their greatest potential in their job

Cultivate a culture of continuous improvement; establish the competencies to recruit, develop competencies to attract, develop, motivate, and retain individuals to achieve the strategic objectives of your organization.

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