Benchmarking is the process of continually searching for the best methods, practices and processes, and either adopting or adapting their good features and implementing them to become the “best of the best.” To become the best-in-class, organizations need to implement the right processes to get there.

Being an important criterion in the Singapore Business Excellence award framework, Benchmarking also promotes the emergence and evolution of a “learning culture” throughout the organization, a key to continuous improvement, total quality and competitiveness over the long term.

This one-day “hands-on” workshop is for individuals or teams that want to accelerate their benchmarking learning and kick-start projects that will deliver innovative solutions and best practices. You will learn how to improve any given business process by exploiting “best practices” rather than merely measuring the best performance.

Recommended Audience

  • Continuous improvement professionals who want to enhance their skills and knowledge in process improvement
  • Cross-functional or departmental project teams formed to implement benchmarking
  • Individuals of the organization's governance team, e.g. SQA Management Committee, Project Management Office, etc. who need to track, monitor and report the status and results of benchmarking projects