ET Academy

We create an environment for experiential learning


We collaborate with our clients to build capability that enable them deliver “results that stick.” Our ET Academy team offers a wide range of customized education and learning experiences led by ET experts who combine deep domain knowledge with real-world perspectives.

In the pandemic economy, it is critical for organizations to build resilience, innovation culture and develop a motivated and dynamic workforce with relevant skills and knowledge to create new value and a seamless customer experience journey.

Our corporate in-house training courses and workshops address critical business issues and focus on enabling clients in improving customer experience and business performance.

Committed towards achieving and sustaining positive changes in our client’s business, we offer a wide range of innovative, stimulating and high quality corporate learning programs, supported with customized management advisory services.

We offer more than 50 programs spanning more than a dozen critical skills and capabilities. This is just a sample of our areas of focus, each of which comprises 2 to 10 distinct modules, ensuring that your teams acquire the learning that’s most relevant to their roles and responsibilities.

What to Expect from our ET Academy Programs

High-impact learning

ET Academy programs are customized to achieve specific objectives, with content tailored by industry, company and role. Participants understand exactly how the training connects to their jobs.

Subject expertise

We provide a strong foundation, on more complex concepts and reinforce learning with exercises to maximize retention.

An interactive experience

Our training programs & workshops are not lectures. Our experienced consultants use a variety of delivery methods and creative approaches, including simulations, gaming and small-group learning and share real life examples from their field experience to keep programs engaging and fun.

Energy and inspiration

Feedback consistently demonstrates that employees who participate in ET Academy programs are more engaged and feel energised and supported as they sharpen their skills.