Unlocking the creativity inherent in all people in order to develop meaningful solutions to your customers’ unmet needs.

“Design is not what it looks like or feels like. Design is how it works.”

– Steve Jobs

“Design must reflect the practical and aesthetics in business but above all… good design must primarily serve people.”

– Thomas Watson

Design Thinking Consulting Firm

To be successful, organizations not only need to develop a well-thought-out strategy, but they also need to build capabilities to successfully execute the strategy at the ground level through robust operational systems, processes, assets, and people that are aligned to strategy. Edgethinker, a leading design thinking consulting firm in India, specializes in providing customer experience management consulting services. We have helped some of the world’s largest companies to achieve operational excellence.

Our Operational Excellence team, equipped with design thinking in management consulting, assists manufacturing and service industry clients in establishing lean, agile, and cost-effective operations throughout the value chain. Digital enablers, such as Intelligent Plants and Connected Supply Chains, are an integral part of our practice as one of the prominent design thinking firms in India. We have consistently produced visible outcomes for our clients, ensuring exceptional customer experience management consulting services.

One or more of the following, driven by our design thinking approach and customer experience management expertise, have contributed to the success of world-class organizations:

  • Alignment of operation and supply chain with business strategy
  • Enhancing productivity and efficiency throughout the entire value chain
  • Institutionalizing modern management philosophies to achieve breakthrough improvements and establish a culture of continuous improvement

ET’s Operational Excellence and Learning Services, as a consulting design thinking firm, focus primarily on assisting companies in achieving business excellence by ensuring that the customer requirements are met with high-quality products/services and the business is adapting and improving at a faster pace.

Design Thinking Consulting Firm in India

How We can Help

Edgethinker Consulting’s Design Thinking service enables organizations and individuals to realize their creative potential through structured advisory, co-creation, and enablement interventions.

Five Stage Design Thinking process helps the organization to realize new possibilities: Customer Centricity, Faster Go-To-Market, Future Readiness, Cultural Transformation, and Innovation as a Strategic objective.

Design Thinking Based Services

Edgethinker Consulting provides a wide range of services to develop, deploy and drive the adoption of design capabilities. Our offerings include:

Benefits of Design Thinking

By applying the concepts of design thinking, a company can uncover the latent needs of end customers as well as develop and test low-cost, functional prototypes for those needs in real-time. Here are some of the advantages Design Thinking provides to businesses.

  • Reduced Risk of Launching New Ideas : Design Thinking focuses on demonstrating prototypes to users frequently and early. This ensures that new ideas remain on a path that will actually meet user needs while reducing the cost of failure. Consequently, product launches are supported by more data and infused with greater confidence.
  • Innovative Solutions and Offerings : Too often, it has been observed that businesses generate ideas internally to improve their existing products and services. These improvements are mostly incremental in nature. Though they result in incremental benefits, they can leave a business vulnerable to disruption from the outside. Design Thinking stimulates creativity through a systematic process intended to unearth truly innovative ideas and then test them rapidly. The outcomes may have a much larger upside.
  • Faster Pace of Learning : The Design Thinking method is intended to bring together a large number of individuals from various functions to generate a large number of ideas for a clearly defined business challenge. Followed by prototyping the prioritized ideas and quickly testing them with users, allowing you to quickly discover which idea to pursue further, which one to abandon or do you need to pivot. The result is accelerated learning and problem-solving.
  • Collaborative Culture : Design Thinking works on the principle of collaboration and communication rather than isolation. This facilitates bringing in diverse skills and viewpoints, resulting in better solutions.
  • Happier Users : When you genuinely listen to your users and incorporate their feedback into what you're creating, the end product will make them happier. Design Thinking appears to be one of the most effective methods for bridging the gap between company leaders and end users. When this gap is eliminated, incredible innovations are possible.
  • Increased Revenue and Returns : A recent McKinsey study identified significant financial benefits of human-centered design approach, including a 32% increase in revenue and a 56% increase in total returns. This extensive study demonstrates that a consistent Design Thinking approach to business can result in significant financial outcomes and a positive return on investment.

Why Us

  • Holistic support on the design journey from capability development, deployment and adoption
  • Customized service offerings to match the varying design needs and maturity levels of organisations
  • Provide design advisory and consulting services to enhance/transform existing service offerings and/or invent new ones.
  • Our team at Edgethinker Consulting has an extensive understanding of Design Thinking gleaned from years of practice. Through interactive seminars, classroom training, and tailored activities, we assist organisations of all types to unleash their creativity and comprehend their audience on a human level.
  • When you work with Edgethinker Consulting, you’ll leave feeling energized, inspired and equipped with an excellent understanding of :
  • The Design Thinking approach
  • Innovation and creative thinking
  • How to effectively apply your learnings in real-world situations
  • How to use empathy, collaboration, storytelling, and leadership in professional settings
  • How to move rapidly from idea to action using prototyping, experimentation, and iteration