5S techniques for good housekeeping and workplace organization is a set of basic management principles that are widely adopted in industries today.

The cornerstone of 5S is that untidy, cluttered work areas are unproductive. 5S principles form the core elements of Lean thinking and a visual workplace and are a fundamental platform for world-class manufacturing.

In this one-day workshop, you will learn how to mobilize and align your management team to launch or improve a 5S implementation in your organization.

The workshop covers 5S and visual management best practices, step-by-step implementation guidance, and the best ways to integrate 5S into the organization’s culture to achieve sustainable world-class excellence.

It includes the principles of 5S and visual management and the benefits, initial implementation, future refinement, self-assessment as well as the infrastructure necessary to start and sustain a 5S initiative for your organization.

Recommended Audience

This course is designed for the 5S Steering Committee and any business leader, professional, manager or individual contributor wishing to gain practical know-how on the principles, process and tools of 5S and visual management.