Independent consulting with Edge Thinker Consulting combines the choice, flexibility and control you get as a freelancer with the best aspects of traditional consulting: excellent and challenging work, for leading clients and working with outstanding colleagues.
We are constantly building our group of high-calibre independent consultants, at all levels from analyst through to partner. Our independent consultants have worked in diverse geography and with organizations spanning multiple industries.
Not only do our consultants have backgrounds with the top traditional consulting firms, many also bring line role experience with major corporates and/or working in, or founding start-ups. This variety ensures that our consultants bring not only the highest rigour from consulting, but also high levels of commercial reality, pragmatism and empathy.

We set the bar higher than traditional consulting firms. Our selection process is simple, but the vetting is rigorous to ensure that we exceed the expectations of our clients through our innovative and bold solutions. Working with us as an independent consultant requires not only strong consulting skills but also the ability to connect with clients as individuals and adapt one’s working style to their organisation.
Our criteria for selection into our talent pool includes:
• A minimum of 2-3 years’ experience, ideally within the last 5 years, with one of the ‘traditional’ consulting firms.
• Ideally line experience within industry and/or start-up’s

If you would like to explore independent consulting with Edge Thinker Consulting, please register and upload your CV using this link.