The most effective method for learning Design Thinking is to practice it through collaboration, communication, and self-reflection.

Are you looking for answers to any or all of these:

  • Want to identify and solve your Wicked business challenges?
  • Looking for a shift in your organization's mindset, processes, and culture?
  • Need assistance with future innovation strategy design?

Our team at ET Consulting has a deep knowledge of Design Thinking, gained through years of practical experience. Through experiential workshops, classroom training, and customized activities, we assist organizations of all types in unleashing their creative potential and comprehending their target audience on a human level.  Our specialists will assist you in developing and deploying design thinking capabilities through guided interventions that are tailored to the industries, functions, and roles of an organization.

When you work with Edgethinker Consulting you’ll leave feeling energized, inspired and equipped with an excellent understanding of:

  • The Design Thinking methodology
  • Innovation and creative thinking
  • How to effectively apply your learnings to real-world scenarios
  • The application of empathy, collaboration, narrative, and leadership in professional situations
  • How to rapidly transition from idea to action utilising prototyping, experimentation and iteration

Our highly-experiential bespoke workshops teach Design Thinking concepts that address the real-world challenges that your organization faces. Designed for organizations and individuals who want to become more human-centered and innovative in their approach and thought processes. Business professionals, C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, and organizational leaders from the public and private sectors can benefit the most.

Want to learn more about how we can help you in Design Thinking Enablement ? Get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.