Kaizen strategy is the single most important concept in Japanese management – the key to successful Japanese companies such as Toyota. Kaizen, which simply means continuous improvement, is the foundation for all Lean production improvements. Kaizen events are opportunities to make focused changes in the workplace.

Based on Masaaki Imai’s teachings on ‘Kaizen’ and ‘Gemba Kaizen’, this workshop is specially designed for managers and supervisors who are interested in developing a Kaizen culture in the workplace and facilitating Kaizen activities/events as a mechanism to improve operational efficiency.

Participants will learn the key concepts and benefits of Kaizen and how to manage Kaizen in their work areas to improve productivity and customer value- one that is well-planned, well-implemented and well-followed-up. This workshop will enable participants to understand the key tools and techniques for running Kaizen activities on a daily basis, problem solving, conducting a Kaizen event as well as overcoming barriers to successful implementation.

Recommended Audience

Facilitated by our Certified  Lean  Six  Sigma  Black Belt and Experienced Management Consultant, this workshop is recommended for managers, supervisors, facilitators and Continuous Improvement steering committee members responsible for deploying Kaizen in their work areas.