Operating model and organizational design


Organizational development consulting services, including business model innovation consulting, can help you manage and support your business cycle to the next level. To survive and succeed in today’s business environment, it is not enough to adapt; you must adapt repeatedly in a rapid and efficient manner.

This necessitates an organization capable of keeping up with moving industry boundaries, fast-evolving technologies, and unforeseen change and disruption. Organizational design consulting and operating model development, along with business model innovation consulting, play a critical role in achieving this.

Nonetheless, 80% of senior executives do not believe their businesses are organized to assist them in outperforming. Rigidity, incrementalism, and poor execution generate complexity and impede the organization’s agility.

The appropriate operating model and organizational design, coupled with business model innovation consulting, can alter all of this. It offers an integrated framework that releases the star power of your teams, ensuring that they are aligned, capable, efficient, adaptive, and inspired. Organizational development consultants can assist in developing and implementing such an operating model, enabling your teams to go above and beyond, executing the strategy with speed and intent.

Focus on the Six Building Blocks of Your Operating Model

Management & Culture

We assist you in addressing the behaviors, decision styles, and mindsets of the senior leadership team and ensuring that your culture and ways of working are aligned with your values and purpose and backed by the appropriate skills.

Structure & Accountabilities

Eliminate organizational layers, integrate business units with customer value, and develop a dynamic, modular approach to team deployment across customer solutions, processes, and technology. Initiate cross-functional teams tasked with altering the business and design a scaling architecture for cooperation across hundreds of teams and departments.

Management System

To capitalise on today’s opportunities, many businesses will have to abandon annual cycles and time-bound strategies, budgets, and review procedures. A Dynamic Management System provides an integrated, interconnected set of processes and operational rhythm that enables you to optimise strategy planning, resource allocation, and the business review process, among other things.

Business Processes

Eliminate bureaucratic bottlenecks and connect your entire ecosystem’s processes in a seamless manner. Redesign your processes to deliver customer solutions and ensure that support and control functions contribute to innovation acceleration.

Technology & Data

We comprehend your current and future data and technology requirements and ensure that they integrate with the human elements of your operating model in order to unleash performance and build organizational capability


Develop both a talent strategy and a talent system so that you can offer a differentiated and compelling employee value proposition, create a long-term workforce development roadmap, ensure that your best talent is focused on your top priorities, and recruit, hire, and inspire the best people throughout the entirety of your organization.

Expected Outcome

Reduced Personnel Expenses

10-20% reduction in people costs and visibility on key factors impacting organizational efficiency and productivity.

Reduction of non-value adding tasks

10-20% reduction in the organisational meeting, travel, coordination, and follow-up time

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