Zero-based redesign (ZBR) enables you to focus on the activities that contribute to your competitive advantage and eliminate most of those that don’t. Traditional efforts to streamline and simplify settle for incremental improvements to the status quo and savings are typically ephemeral because costs tend to sneak back in.

ZBR, on the other hand, is a one-time effort that establishes an ambitious goal based on the actions that are essential to delivering what your consumers value most. To satisfy the needs of your customers and maximize the productivity of your front line, organizational structure, governance, responsibilities, and procedures are integrated.

The outcome is a systematic transformation journey that offers value from day one and propels you toward your desired future state. When combined with zero-based budgeting, the impact is even more dramatic, as the entire business adopts a new cost-related attitude and adopts new cost-related behaviors, constantly aiming for better efficiency and cost reductions.

Expected Outcome

Reduce your costs

Realize significant cost reductions of 20 to 40%

Boost shareholder returns

Increase profitability, unlock resources for expansion, and enhance competitiveness

Enhance productivity

Become a simpler, flatter, and more effective organization.

Prioritize what matters

Remove impediments so staff can focus on customer-critical operations.

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