Why Us
Having led multiple business performance improvement initiatives/programs in various industries, we have developed a unique consulting approach in delivering business value for our clients:
  • Value Creation Process
Our firm believes that focusing on client’s interests, delivering business value and building trust underpins all our client relationships. Our value creation process is a client-focused and holistic system designed to create positive, sustainable change and delivering value to our client’s business.  We use a consistent management consulting methodology that leverages on a unique two-pronged approach to value creation and customer satisfaction:
  • Global Perspective
In today’s integrated global economy, shifts in culture and technology are continuously reshaping both the political and business environment, it is essential that consultants have the ability to imagine the future, think globally and act at present and locally. Our consultants have been trained in Global Institutions on cutting-edge concepts, have held senior management positions in strategic and operational functions, managed global operations and also led key change initiatives in diverse geography. With their global perspective and experience in working jointly with multi-cultural teams, our consultants bring a mix of expertise to solve problems with a different, more effective mindset, devising powerful solutions for our clients’ toughest challenges.
  • Management Direction & Perspective
Our consultants work with the CEO or management teams for guidance at the strategic and operational levels. By taking an end-to-end, process-based approach, projects are jointly selected and prioritized before they are implemented.
When considering potential improvements, our consultants evaluate impacts from the perspective of the CEO or management team. This requires the project team to look beyond the short-term benefits to individual work groups. By taking this broad perspective, we avoid the common temptation to pursue localized and limited-scope improvements at the expense of the company’s long-term goals and objectives.
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  • Customized Approach for Client Needs & Situations
Innovation and Operational excellence is a journey – not a fashion. We work closely with clients to focus on the areas where they matter. By taking a collaborative approach, we help them to put out the fires, create stability in their critical business processes and then use appropriate Design and/or Operational Excellence tools and techniques to move up to the next level of business performance.
Unlike some of our competitors, we will not tell our clients to dump PDCA
in favour of DMAIC, discard TQM in favour of Six Sigma, convert all employees into a Green Belt overnight or any “flavour of the year”. Our consultants will not force fit “canned solutions” or impose improvement tools and techniques that are unsuitable for the client’s environment. Instead, we take pride in our ability to develop and tailor approaches for specific client needs and situations.
  • Project Management and Change Management
It is not uncommon to see projects fail or go beyond the schedule as a result of poor project management and/or change management. In our firm, we build all improvement projects on top of our consultants’ solid foundations of project management and change management capabilities. With this approach, we ensure that not only project objectives and milestones are achieved, people and processes are equally harmonized and sustainable.
Operating model and organizational design
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  • Results Focused
Unlike some of the competitors who often get obsessed with the “tools”, our consultants take a process and results-focused approach around customer satisfaction, productivity gains and financial savings. In every improvement initiative, we evaluate the end-to-end value chain, define a clear and quantifiable goal, percentage of improvement and cost savings. Business decisions can then be based on facts. Once an initiative is implemented, we track, follow up on the results and initiate countermeasures if necessary.
Whether you’re looking to devise more dynamic strategies, to drive operational efficiencies, or to create the right conditions for innovation, we have the expertise and experience to help guide and support your Today’s business, political, and security landscapes are constantly evolving. Staying ahead requires more than cutting-edge technology. It demands agility in problem solving, innovative change management tools, and the ability to do more with less.
We work with government bodies, multinational corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises of a wide spectrum of industries within the Asia-Pacific region.  They include public sector, manufacturing, engineering, technology, shipping, printing, media, aerospace, defence, financial services and insurance, education, retail, oil, power and gas, etc.  Below is a listing of some of our valued clients whom our consultants have served.
Success Stories
Edgethinker Consulting is a customer focused consulting and training organization with practices spanning across manufacturing and service-based companies.
As we work with many businesses, we have developed significant expertise in Manufacturing, Engineering, Technology and Services.
We help transform our client’s operations to become truly customer focused, by dramatically improving their agility and quality through the applications of Design Thinking, Zero-based redesign, Digital Lean/Six Sigma and TQM principles, methodologies and tools.
We present below a selection of our success stories from our consultancy projects, which our consultants have carried out.