customer journey consulting

A customer journey is the series of discrete interactions a customer experiences as they attempt to satisfy a specific need. An in-depth analysis of this journey gives a valuable lens through which to view your expenses and enables you to prioritize improvements to the most important events. Consulting customer journey and customer journey consultants can help you optimize this journey.

To become a performance leader, your events must be simple, digital, quick, tailored, and built correctly from the start. Customer journey consulting plays a crucial role in ensuring that your customer journey meets these criteria.

Customer Journey Driven Costing assists in identifying key events and analyzing the total scope of costs necessary to improve them. This strategy, in conjunction with business consulting services, provides visibility into the functional and channel silos that can limit your awareness of the whole cost base of your customer service. By working with business management consultants, you can zoom in on the levers that will reduce costs while improving the customer experience.

Expected Outcome

A comprehensive assessment of costs

Adopting client events as your “unit of change” enables you to evaluate the total spectrum of customer-facing and back-office costs

Satisfied customers

Achieve a larger share of wallet, more customer referrals, and greater NPS scores, while decreasing customer churn

Improved operational efficiencies

Reduce a variety of interactions that do not offer value, including call volumes, service visits, etc.

Performance improvement

Increase EBITDA while decreasing costs and complexity across IT, marketing, and other services and processes

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