Having collaborated with clients on more than numerous organizational design and operating model projects, across virtually all industries and geographies, we bring unparalleled expertise to organizational effectiveness. We complement this expertise with a robust set of diagnostic tools that provide the data-driven insights you need to reach your optimum future state. We also help you address capability and talent gaps, improve decision effectiveness, simplify your organizational structure and strengthen your culture and leadership.

Talent Engine

Develop both a talent strategy and a talent system, so you can offer a differentiated and compelling employee value proposition, create a multi-year workforce evolution roadmap, ensure that your best talent is focused on your top priorities, and recruit, hire and inspire the best people across every part of the organization

Business Processes

Remove bureaucratic bottlenecks and seamlessly connect processes across your full ecosystem. Redesign your processes to serve customer solutions, and ensure that support and control functions participate in a way that accelerates innovation.

Technology & Data

We understand your current and future-state technology and data needs, and make sure they come together with the human elements of your operating model, to unlock performance and build organizational capability.

What to Expect

Confidence to commit

Not sure if your organization is optimally designed to execute on your strategy? Org Navigator provides a detailed view across all relevant parameters, so you can adjust as needed.

An action plan

Use the insights provided by Org Navigator to make better organizational design and operating model choices, and to highlight best practices to be preserved and disseminated. Generate significantly better growth and profitability by ensuring that your organization possesses all the traits of high-performing companies.

Improved perspective

Gain a deeper understanding of important differences of opinion or sentiment among employees, and detect any leadership biases that may hamper performance.

Baseline reference

Bain Org Navigator also provides a useful baseline that can support not only immediate transformation but provide a point of reference for future efforts, or reveal cultural differences that may become issues in merger integrations.